We want you to be comfortable staying at Hillingford B&B and know more about our COVID 19 policy.

The guidance regarding visitors to the Isle of Man is regularly updated to keep up with changes around the world. As of December 2021, the latest guidance can be found here for visitors to the island.

Travelling to the Isle of Man (gov.im)

This Visitor Guidance assists with all the queries you may have regarding applying to come to the Isle of Man. Visitor Guidance 05.10 Version 11 (visitisleofman.com)


We have answered some of our regular questions below, but if you have any other queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


What is Hillingford B&B’s policy re vaccinations etc for off island guests?

We require all off island guests wishing to stay at Hillingford B&B to meet the ‘No isolation or testing - for fully vaccinated and natural immunity visitors’ Pathway. Unfortunately, due to the layout of our accommodation, shared areas and our own risk assessment, we cannot accept off island guests who are not vaccinated or do not meet the natural immunity guidelines.

Anyone on the ‘test and release’ pathway will NOT be able to stay at Hillingford B&B as we feel it is not possible to safely isolate in our accommodation before receiving test results. We hope you understand this is to protect other guests and our small business. Please ensure you meet these requirements of ‘No isolation or testing pathway’ prior to booking to stay.


What happens if a guest tests positive for COVID-19 whilst staying at Hillingford B&B?

In the event that a guest tests positive for COVID-19 whilst staying at Hillingford B&B, the guest will be in direct contact with the Isle of Man COVID-19 111 team who will provide instructions, guidance and support accordingly. If the guests lives on island, they should return home immediately and self isolate.

Although it is requested off island guests remain in their accommodation for the period of their isolation where possible, our risk assessment has identified it is not possible for guests to safely self isolate at Hillingford B&B due to the layout of some of the rooms and shared areas.

We will work with our guest and the Isle of Man COVID-19 111 Team to find an alternative property, and seek advice from Isle of Man 111 COVID-19 Team. The health and wellbeing of our guests is of paramount importance along with containing the virus and mitigating the risk of any further transmission within the Isle of Man.


Who pays for the isolation accommodation?

It is the guest’s responsibility to cover the costs of any isolation accommodation required. We strongly recommend you contact your Travel Insurance Provider to ensure you have adequate cover before your stay.


What happens if I test positive for Covid-19 or have to self isolate (due to being a close contact) before my booking and have to cancel my stay? 

In the event of this happening, we will be happy to move your booking to alternative dates. Unfortunately we cannot refund your initial deposit, however we will offer you new booking dates using your initial deposit. We may ask for evidence that you are unable to travel due to this purpose. The transferred booking prices will be based on the latest rates at the new booking time.

What happens if the Isle of Man closes the borders or premises are forced to close by Government? ​

An exception to our non-returnable deposit is if our premises are forced to closed by Government (e.g. due to COVID 19), or non Island guests cannot travel to the Island due to the borders being closed by Government. We will do our best to transfer your deposit to a new booking when available. The transferred booking prices will be based on the latest rates at the new booking time. We will only consider a refund if the borders are closed so you cannot travel to the Island, and we cannot agree another suitable booking date- no other reason will be offered a refund of the initial deposit.


Can you guarantee the properties are clean? 

Like other providers, we cannot guarantee that our property is free from all infections, however we have undertaken a detailed risk assessment in order to protect our guests, and make the environment as safe as possible. We have an enhanced cleaning regime, with particular attention to shared areas and touch points. We pride ourselves on the level of cleaning at Hillingford B&B, and follow a detailed cleaning checklist. Sanitiser is provided on all shared entry points and guests are requested to use this before entering the premises, before using the shared areas, and before accessing our breakfast buffet. Our breakfast tables are also placed more than 2 metres apart to promote social distancing at meal times.


We are only a small B&B and have a maximum of 6 guests at any one time.