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About Us

Hillingford was built in 1955 and has been extended and lovingly refurbished to provide a modern, bright, elegant space, whilst maintaining the home's traditional charm and unique features.

Meet Anita and Jamie

The proprietors Anita and Jamie have been living in the Isle of Man since 2001.

Anita was born in Australia, whilst Jamie was born in the Isle of Man and immigrated to Australia with his family when he was 4 years old. After backpacking around the world together in the year 2000, Anita and Jamie were both drawn back to the Isle of Man with it's unique charm and beautiful countryside. Their plan to stay for a year or so, soon crept up to many years!


They both love travelling, meeting new people, and enjoy the outdoors and various adventure activities the Isle of Man offers including mountain biking, road cycling, hiking, paddleboarding & paragliding. Their experience sampling accommodation around the world has shaped their understanding of what is important for guests.

'Everyone always asks me why I came from Australia to live in the Isle of Man.

I absolutely adore the countryside, sea views and vivid green scenery that the Isle of Man offers. Although it's a much smaller island than I'm used to, the Isle of Man is different in every season, and has such a unique range of things to see and do. There are so many beautiful places to explore, charming history and culture, and a wide range of activities to enjoy, all within short distances.


Just 5 minutes from home you can be enjoying the seaside, beautiful lakes, peaceful glens, driving along the famous TT mountain course, or cycling up a mountain or along the coast. People on the Isle of Man are very friendly and welcoming, and the island has a lovely, safe, community feel about it.' Anita

Meet Maisie and Rosie

Hillingford has two female short-haired cats called Maisie and Rosie. They are fairly timid rescue cats who spend a lot of time in the garden. They are not allowed in guest bedrooms, however they do use the shared areas. Guests with allergies to cats should anticipate their presence and consider using appropriate medication.*

*Hillingford B&B will not be held liable for any consequent health issues.

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